A Break for the Week

Taking the week off...

This week I will be on break. This past week we had no power at our house because of a storm. Also, I want to be free to celebrate my wife’s birthday this week. In other words, I wrote nothing this past week.

To recap this past week:

On Monday, I wrote my comments on chapter two of John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart. It surprised me he would rather follow a movie character than to follow “meek and mild” Jesus.

Wednesday was a sad story about a priest who was murdered for his charity. It was because of Jesus-Love this priest was murdered.

Then Friday I looked at the poetry of David Whyte, one of my favorites. Of all the poets I will write about, he has been my favorite among favorites.

That is it for now. See you next week where I’ll look at chapter three of Wild at Heart, and talk about another poet from my childhood that first sparked my love for poetry.