Here’s to the first week of The Inference.

What is happening this week. Also, what is The Inference?

Here’s to the first week of The Inference.

First, what is The Inference?

It is an outlet for my musings, opinions, book reviews, poetry reviews… whatever I dream up. I am a Christian, so my writings will reflect Christian philosophy and teachings. When I speak of other religions and traditions, it is always with the belief the premises of Christianity are true - the accepted creeds every Christian church believes.

Why call it The Inference?

I thought through several names. But I wanted a one or two-word name that conveyed what I wanted to do, and yet convey a sense of place. Inference by definition is the action of inferring, “to derive by reasoning; conclude or judge from premises or evidence.” Other names were more ironic: smattering, palaver, parley. These have archaic meanings that convey what I wanted in a name. However, their modern understandings are in contrast to what I wanted to communicate when someone saw the name of of my publication.

Here is a preview of what you will see this week on The Inference.

On Monday I will begin a series reading through the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. Given recent debates in the Evangelical world concerning gender and sex, I thought it would be of my interest to read a book that spoke to many men in the surrounding churches. If books like Eldredge’s is influencing Christian men’s thoughts on what it means to be a godly man, I need to know what he says - and understand what I am up against.

Tuesday, I discuss an additional feature on Facebook - a prayer request feature in Facebook Groups.

Wednesday, I’ll be musing about poetry and will review a poem by Billy Collins, a favorite poet of mine.

Thursday, I will begin a loose series on spiritual practices. Initially, I will focus on prayer and contemplation. I will move on to others, but this has been my focus as of late.

Friday, I’ll post a book review of Scattered Servants by Alan Scott.

In leave you with the words of J. I. Packer: “For we write to help people…” I pray my writing will help you wherever you are in life. Be sure to subscribe, forward this post, or share it on social media.